I'm a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I'm also an independent, free thinking, head strong woman who believes everyone has a voice just too bad only the stupid are heard.  



The year it started
The year that changed my life
Curent Events
May 19th Donny and I married. June 10th 2012 Summer was hospitalized. 
Donny had open heart surgery double by-pass 6/10/15.  Diagosed 10/5/15 Breast Cancer. Received 40 Radiation treatments. LH has lost her mind causing the girls a lot of tension and hurting them repeatedly. 
The house is getting finished, The President and House of Reps are complete idiots. My daughter is a Junior in College. My daughter is talking about moving out. My oldest daughter got married. Finishing up my breast from 10/31/17 surgery. Donny's health has declined and hoping to find better Dr's.